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Fine gardening is performed by skilled gardeners who provide the finishing touches to your garden; leaving it looking professional and complete. Moreover, a fine gardener will tend to the needs and health of your plants, ensuring your garden continues to thrive throughout the years.

This means you don’t have to worry about anything related to your garden. There’s no tweaking or extra work for you to handle once the gardener has come by; a professional fine gardener will have noted and taken care of all that for you.

For homeowners, this means peace of mind, and getting to spend more time enjoying the garden instead of managing its many facets.

For commercial property owners, fine gardening gives a property that finished look and aesthetic appeal that attracts your ideal clients.

Our passion for fine gardening

Steven and Gabrielle Horn are passionate about gardening, and feel the true nature of a well-managed garden must meet two main objectives:

  1. Create an outdoor living space around the needs and wants of the client
  2. Create a space that pays strict attention to the health and preservation of the plant material used in creating it.

To meet these needs, the Gardens Remembered team provides a wide variety of services; here’s a few that you should expect of your fine gardener:

Year-Round Maintenance and Enhancements

We’re not just ‘mow and blow’ contractors, we’re here to care for your garden’s needs no matter the season.

Full Garden Restoration

Using original architect plans, or by working with you to understand the original intent of the garden, we have the ability to restore older gardens that have lost their definition over time.

Through intense garden care, pruning, plant replacement and repair or renovation of existing hardscapes through our relationships with industry professionals, we can bring life back to well-designed gardens that may have been neglected over time.

Vignette Garden Displays and Installations

We work with you in creating smaller, vignette garden displays complimentary to your existing landscape. Whether it’s a small seating area to entertain, or a secret nook to relax and read a good book, we help in providing that special retreat that can be subtle or dramatic, but always unique to you and your garden.

Seasonal and Event Decorations

Our talented and imaginative staff will be happy to assist you in your outdoor holiday displays. We work directly with interior designers or independently to provide you with memorable holiday displays.

Gardens Remembered is ready to offer you a vast range of horticultural services from seasonal garden tasks, planting flowers and bulbs, to regular maintenance that fits your needs. We’re here to take your garden to the next level.

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