Seasonal Garden Care

A specialized garden service is for the discriminating client, who appreciates and desires a detailed approach to their landscaping needs.

Below are just some of the seasonal services we provide. Contact us directly for more information.


Spring is a time of rejuvenation – when your garden awakes from its winter dormancy.

Landscape beds are cleaned of winter’s debris, perennials are cut back & seasonal pruning is completed. Weeding and edging beds is completed, along with fertilization and mulching if needed. Our mowing season begins in Spring with the first cut normally done Mowing and lawn care also begins in late spring.

Working with the finest local growers and garden centers, we select the best seasonal plants and spring bulbs to add vibrancy and color year-round.

With our all-inclusive horticultural servicing approach, we are able to assume responsibility for all aspects of the garden’s landscape, and using our extensive network of professionals ensure all needs are met.


Annual beds and containers are replanted with a customized array of complimentary colors to enhance your garden’s beauty. Ongoing maintenance is performed, including supplemental watering when requested.


Seasonal installations, leaf blowing, mulching, pruning, transplanting, seeding and fertilization of lawns.


Continued clean-up and mulching; detailed pruning, thinning ivy, rejuvenating pruning of woody plants and evergreens; holiday decor, snow and ice removal.

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