Pruning & Rejuvenation

Maintaining shrubs and ornamental trees is critical for their health as well as your enjoyment. Properly done with hand pruners, loppers and saw – the utmost care is given to landscape investment.

Structural pruning

Focusing on the health of the plant, dead or diseased limbs are removed along with those limiting sunlight and air circulation. Depending on the prior maintenance performed on your property, pruning can be rather aggressive in order to correct neglect and overgrowth.

Aesthetic pruning

Aesthetic pruning focuses on improving the general appearance of plants. Plants are pruned to maximize airflow and encourage the growth of new flowers, branches, and leaves.


We try to minimize shearing, a technique in which a large volume of fleshy new stem growth is cut back.

However when shearing is required or requested, we always follow up with hand pruning to keep the outer layer of leaves open. Shearing the foliage damages the leaves, giving a ‘ragged’ appearance to the plant. Continual or repeated shearing creates areas susceptible to disease or pest infestation. Air and light flow are decreased and foliage on the inside slowly begins to die, weakening the overall integrity and health of the plants.

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