Gardens Remembered

Celebrating over 20 years of fine garden care
for the Greater DC region

Focusing on the unique horticultural needs & beauty of each garden.


Created in 1998, Gardens Remembered combines horticultural expertise with precision and efficiency, bringing out the best in your garden, all year-round.

We work closely with clients, landscape architects and designers, to craft a personalized plan for maintaining and enhancing your gardening experience.

A detailed approach to fine garden care

Our approach to managing each garden is deeply rooted in preserving and enhancing the intended design.

Award Winning Team

With over 40 years combined experience, our team members are trained to see all the challenges and opportunities in your garden.

Year-round Care

Each season provides unique challenges and needs.

We offer clients detailed services and maintenance schedules to suit any owner’s needs.

We understand that your garden is truly an extension of who you are, and work carefully to manage the various needs of your garden by coordinating with other professionals to ensure your property is properly cared for.

Take the first step towards your idyllic garden today.

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