As Horticultural Specialists, Gardens Remembered provides our clients with the detailed approach required for the distinctive garden.

“A garden is a living work of art. Each season brings its own set of needs, often times requiring a specialized approach to manage it’s ever changing needs.”

Whether established or crafted by your own hand, the daunting task of properly maintaining a garden can be overwhelming. At Gardens Remembered, we can provide any level of garden care in order to best fit your needs.

~ Our Services ~

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  1. > Garden Care and Analysis

    Identifying your garden’s needs always starts with an in-person consultation and full analysis of your garden. We walk through your garden with you to get a full understanding of your wants and needs for the garden.

    It’s a time to discuss goals/visions for the garden, as well as educate new clients on the garden’s health and preservation. Information from this meeting is used to establish projects and the time frame in which to accomplish them. Often we request to meet again to discuss additional steps to further develop your garden based on what we have learned from working on site.

  2. > Seasonal Garden Care

    Each season invites specific care in the garden. We offer the following detailed services to our clients:

    Early Spring:

    We start by assessing the general health of the garden, and what will be required to ensure greatest flower production and long-term plant health. This includes pruning and structuring of woody plants, extensive clean-up and preparation of perennial and annual beds, soil amendment, and dividing and transplanting overgrown perennials.


    Working with the finest local growers and garden centers, we select the best seasonal plants, including spring bulbs, to add vibrancy and color year-round.

    Spring is also time to meet with other landscape professionals involved with the care of your property. With our all-inclusive horticultural servicing approach, we are able to assume responsibility for all aspects of the garden’s landscape, and using our extensive network of professionals ensure all needs are met. This can include coordinating arbor care, insect and disease control, irrigation, lawn care, as well as the services we perform directly.


    Annual beds and containers are replanted with a beautiful array of complimentary colors to enhance your garden’s beauty. Ongoing maintenance is performed, including supplemental watering when requested.

    Lawns are mowed on a weekly basis, and carefully maintained to ensure peak health.

    Existing irrigation systems are monitored and repaired as necessary, and water features maintained and replenished with water-loving plants & fish


    Seasonal installations, leaf blowing, mulching, pruning, transplanting, containers for parties, seeding and fertilization of lawns.


    Continued clean-up and mulching; detailed pruning, thinning ivy, rejuvenation of woody plants and evergreens; holiday decor, snow and ice removal.

  3. > Pruning and Rejuvenation

    Maintaining shrubs and ornamental trees is critical for their health as well as your enjoyment, properly done with pruners, loppers and saw.

    Structural Pruning

    Focusing on the health of the plant, dead or diseased limbs are removed along with those limiting sunlight and air circulation. Depending on the prior maintenance performed on your property, pruning can be rather aggressive in order to correct neglect and overgrowth.

    Aesthetic Pruning

    Aesthetic pruning focuses on improving the general appearance of plants. Plants are pruned to maximize airflow and encourage the growth of new flowers, branches, and leaves.


    We try to minimize shearing, a technique in which a large volume of fleshy new stem growth is cut back. However when shearing is required or requested, we always follow up with hand pruning to keep the outer layer of leaves open. Shearing the foliage damages the leaves, giving a ‘ragged’ appearance to the plant. Continual or repeated shearing creates areas susceptible to disease or pest infestation. Air and light flow are decreased and foliage on the inside slowly begins to die, weakening the overall integrity and health of the plants.

  4. > Soil Improvement

    “The foundation of a successful garden is good soil.”

    Soils vary from site to site depending on the amount of disturbance from construction. Clay soil is prevalent in the DC region and always benefits from soil amendments when planting.

    We use compost dug in to improve structure, reduce surface crusting and compaction, promote drainage and provide nutrients to your lawn, annuals and perennials, shrubs and trees. Compost will increase water and nutrient retention, nutrient supply and increase microbial activity.

    Over time your garden will be stronger, more pest resistant, and sustain changes in weather and climate with less water and fertilizer. We strongly recommend including this level of care for your garden.

  5. > Container and Garden Bed Displays

    Gardens Remembered provides its clients with unique garden displays complimentary to a gardens surroundings. Our displays stand on their own as living arrangements; lush with annuals, bulbs and perennials, they provide enjoyment throughout the season.

  6. > Vignette Garden Displays and Installations

    Gardens Remembered  will work with you in creating Vignette Garden Displays complimentary to your existing landscape. Whether it’s a small seating area to entertain, or a secret nook to relax and read a good book, we help in providing that special retreat that can be subtle or dramatic, but always unique to you and your garden.

  7. > Garden Staging for Special Events and Home Sales

    As the Garden Estate Manager for Merrywood Estates, Steven Horn has extensive experience in handling the details of special events. This includes providing specific plant-based displays for maximizing outdoor settings, and coordinating between all parties involved in planning your special gathering.

    Home Sales

    We work with real estate agents and private homeowners to carefully craft displays to help sell your home. Selecting plant materials that accentuate your home and garden settings, we bring the curb appeal you are seeking.

  8. > Synchronization with Green Industry Professionals

    With a well-established list of environmentally-friendly industry professionals, we’re prepared to ti provide comprehensive care to your property. These include pest management, turf care, tree removal, chimney sweeps, landscape architects, and more.

  9. > Holiday Decor

    Our talented and imaginative staff will be happy to assist you in your outdoor holiday displays. We work directly with interior designers or independently to provide you with memorable holiday displays.

  10. > Mowing, Leaf and Snow Removal

    We offer professional weekly lawn mowing services, including edging along all defined flower beds, sidewalks, driveways, power blowing of debris from your driveway, sidewalks, patios, and curbs, and collect all leaves and grass clippings from the garden. We also notify you when additional lawn care is needed and coordinate such services, including fertilization, broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent for crabgrass, core aeration, and seeding.

    To prevent molding and rot, it is important to remove fallen leaves quickly. As part of our fall cleanup program, Gardens Remembered clears your property of leaves and removes them from site, blows them onto plant beds for later removal, or piles them curb-side for collection by the county/city.

    Snow Removal:

    D.C. law requires property owners to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, handicap ramps and steps on their property within the first eight daylight hours after the snow, sleet or ice stops falling. Many other localities have similar laws and time constraints. We assist our clients as needed to shovel now and spread pet-friendly salts on ice prone areas.

  11. > Miscellaneous Detailing

    Exterior maintenance is a never-ending job for home owners.  Let us take some of that load off your shoulders.

    • Power-washing hardscapes
    • Assess irrigation
    • Mend statuary
    • Repair or replace hardscaping
    • Drain hoses
    • Install and repair hose reels
    • Install and/or move stones
    • Other related tasks as requested