“The Gardener is the base of the pyramid, the one who is called in to care for the landscaping after it is designed and installed.”


Thank you for visiting Gardens Remembered

Gardens Remembered is a Fine Gardening specialty service. Set apart from the service provided by traditional landscape maintenance companies, Gardens Remembered provides clients with an overall approach to their garden, encompassing many facets of the garden experience.

At Gardens Remembered, we combine horticultural expertise with precision and efficiency to bring out the best in your garden, all year-round.

We work closely with clients, landscape architects and designers, to craft a personalized plan for maintaining and enhancing your gardening experience.

How Are We Different?

Steven and Gabrielle Horn are passionate about gardening, and feel the true nature of a well-managed garden must meet two main objectives:

  1. Create an outdoor living space around the needs and wants of the client
  2. Create a space that pays strict attention to the health and preservation of the plant material used in creating it.

We understand that your garden is truly an extension of who you are, and work carefully to manage the various needs of your garden by coordinating with other professionals to ensure your property is properly cared for.